Uncanny Valley with Mike Murphy

To celebrate the launch of Uncanny Valley: A Science Fiction Anthology we asked our authors four simple questions.

Mike Murphy is a Distant Shore Publishing veteran with his short story being one of the first to be published to our library, “What You Eat“. He’s returned in our anthology with another alien adventure. Here, we chatted about yard work, and the endless possibility of science fiction.

What was the inspiration behind your short story?

I have never liked yard work. Unfortunately, I have many trees around my home. The thought came to me of how nice it would be if all the fallen leaves just went away.

There’s no big message behind this story – perhaps the importance of remembering childhood. I hope people who read “The Fallen” enjoy the tale.

What does science fiction mean to you?

It’s a wonderful genre to write. So many possibilities! I write stories in other genres too. I don’t want to become typecast as someone who writes only science fiction.

What’s your favorite science fiction artwork, book, or film?

May I cheat here and go with authors? Ray Bradbury and Rod Serling.

Androids or Aliens?

Definitely aliens.

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