Uncanny Valley: A Science Fiction Anthology

A selection of award-winning and prolific writers of the science fiction genre take on what it means to be human in the face of the future. 

What does it mean to be human in the turning wheels of progress? As we blast into outer space, what do we leave behind? As we meet alien lifeforms, what do we set to gain – or to lose? And when human traditions of love, marriage, and death become rewired by androids, how do we redefine ourselves?

Compiled by Distant Shore Publishing, Uncanny Valley: A Science Fiction Anthology invites eleven writers from around the world to consider humanity’s role in the future.

Featuring:A. Katherine Black, Matt McHugh, Elisabeth R. Moore, Evergreen Lee, P. R. O’Leary, Frederick Gero Heimbach, James Edward O’Brien, Hunter Liguore, Mike Murphy, and Sarina Dorie.

Foreword by the eminent science fiction writer, Dan Koboldt, as well as an exclusive story on technology’s all-consuming draw.  

Discover aliens, androids, and adventure, from a curious Rent-a-Body scheme to AI in search of love. As a desperate man tries to save a treasured test subject and a woman overcomes fear to tackle an ancient relic, witness humans enact their greatest traits of compassion, remorse, and empathy, or see them succumb to greed, fame, and lies.

What does the future hold for us? What happens when we make contact? And after everything, are we really still human?