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Jay whipped around to look down the corridor as the door bleeped and whooshed, but it was not the clatter of boots that echoed. It was the clank of a Droid marching efficiently towards him…’

When Kit escapes the boredom of space settlement Oasis-7 for a more exciting life, he leaves behind his brother, Jay, and sets him on a journey of his own to try and regain what he lost.


Imprisoned renegade, Sola, serves her time on a nameless moon under the shadow of giant planet Tian. When her friends disappear due to a mysterious illness, secrets begin to unravel, and the true and terrifying nature of the moon is revealed. 

There is only one choice. Escape. At all costs.  


Events are set in motion that can never be undone. Can you ever truly go back from where you came? If you return, what is the cost? 

Dripping with the Gothic atmosphere of Bladerunner and Alien, lovers of dark science fiction, suspense stories and horror will happily sink their teeth into Biosphere: Hazard. 

“I cannot lose this, or risk this. You might be my only chance to maintain a connection to the real world.”

In Santa Maria, California, Cory lives on the street. Trying to make a buck or two he takes up an offer from Dr Hanson, a pharmacist with aspirations for greatness, and shady means to tap into hidden psychology. After taking a pill from batch 41, Cory unlocks more than just his potential. 

And it’s got its own voice too. 

Now on speaking terms with a mysterious supermind, Cory must fight to keep the connection at all costs. When a corrupt organization tries to take the reins from him, he must rely on new faces and old friends to outwit the greed-fueled superbrain, hellbent on keeping the power for itself. Dodging threat, interrogation and murder, Cory is set on his objective: 

Free all the superminds.

From the brilliance of Tom Jolly, A Game of Broken Minds is a fast-paced, science fiction thriller about freedom and the price of power. 

Read to witness the clash of the superminds!

A selection of award-winning and prolific writers of the science fiction genre take on what it means to be human in the face of the future. 

What does it mean to be human in the turning wheels of progress? As we blast into outer space, what do we leave behind? As we meet alien lifeforms, what do we set to gain – or to lose? And when human traditions of love, marriage, and death become rewired by androids, how do we redefine ourselves?