Uncanny Valley with A. Katherine Black

To celebrate the launch of Uncanny Valley: A Science Fiction Anthology we asked our authors four simple questions.

Today, we spoke to A. Katherine Black, whose short story “The Transportee Agrees to the Terms” is a frighteningly superb mix of reality television and science fiction.

What was the inspiration behind your short story?

I’ve long been fascinated by the impact fame, or even the possibility of fame, can have on a person. What better way to explore this phenomenon than with a space travel reality show?  I wrote the first draft of this story a few years ago, but the question of why someone might leave Earth is all the more intriguing today, given recent real-life events involving certain famous people launching themselves into space.   

What does science fiction mean to you?

Sci-fi is all exciting possibility. It’s the wonderful what-if, the horrifying maybe, and everything wild and twisted in between. As a kid I devoured all the sci-fi I could find, and now there’s nothing but spaceships, robots, and monsters swirling around in my brain, fighting to make their way onto the page.

What’s your favorite science fiction artwork, book, or film?

There are so many kinds of wonderful things out there, how could one possibly choose a favorite? Recent sci-fi films I love range from Arrival and The Quiet Place to Big Ass Spider and Love and Monsters.  Basically, if it’s thought provoking and/or features giant monsters, I’m in.

Androids or Aliens?

Yes, please.  I’ll take both.  Lots of both, in all shapes, sizes, and identities. I’ll take the nice ones, the shady ones, and even the completely murderous ones, thank you.

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