Sail Away with Us to Distant Shores…

A fast-paced science fiction thriller from the brilliance of Tom Jolly.

When Cory takes up an offer to trial a mind-altering drug, he unlocks more than just his potential. Now in league with a supermind he never knew, they must work together to ensure their freedom and escape the tyranny of The Puppeteer.

How far would you go to regain what you have lost?

When Kit flees the Android controlled space settlement he grew up on, he finds himself far from home on a prison planet with a sinister infestation. Sola, an imprisoned renegade, takes him under her wing, and together they strive to find a way back to safety. Left behind, his twin brother, Jay, fights to bring him back at all costs.

Meet Joe Thorne, a haphazard gentleman thief wannabe with a meddlesome magic cough. When one almighty sneeze sends him on a magical quest he never wanted, old friends, new enemies, and a sentient handkerchief all come to help and hinder him on his journey!

For fantasy fun and laugh-out-loud humor, pick up The Gentleman Thief.