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Submissions are closed due to backlog.

Distant Shore Publishing is a small independent publisher specializing in digital books. Our genres include: LitRPG, fantasy, and science fiction. If you’d like to be considered for publication, please give this section a read first. You may be a budding writer, but are we the publisher for you?

Easy to Read, Hard to Put Down

We love all fantastical worlds from outer space to mystical islands, characters you can really get behind and a book that devours you whole. We prefer an easy read. Keep it adventurous, light-hearted or comedic. If you’re more serious, we’d love your story to have a gripping voice so your book is unputdownable. 

Short and Sweet

Here at Distant Shore Publishing, we love a book that you could easily eat up in one or two sittings. Aim for a word count between 25,000 to 70,000+ words.

A Book for All!

We’re just here for fun. We accept violence, death and drama as much as any film thriller, science-fiction flick, and fantasy romp does.

We don’t want anything gratuitous or controversial. We can deal with an alien bursting out of a chest perhaps, but maybe don’t take too much joy in describing it. Remember, only use what’s relevant to the story. 

And we’re here to help our readers drift away! Don’t give your reader a reason to throw the book across the room. 

Flying Solo

You don’t need to have an agent or representation to be published by us. You don’t even need to have an editor, as your work will have to go under the scrutiny of our in-house editor. This procedure covers all aspects from major changes to basic proof-reading. However, books that need little improvement are more likely to be published by us. 


We pay:

  • $2500 for novels with a maximum of 50,000 words.
  • $4500 for novels with a maximum of 75,000 words.
  • $6500 for novels over 75,000 words.

$250 is included as a signing bonus. 

Need to know

  • If the novel you submitted is accepted, we will communicate with you and send a contract. We want to make sure everyone is happy, comfortable, and aware of the situation before anything is signed.
  • We pay for your work on its wordcount. You will receive an acceptance payment, followed by edits (suggested plot changes, character improvements, etc), line edits, proofread, and a final fee on publication. You will be included in the editing process through every stage.
  • Minimum word count for submissions should be 25,000.
  • We pride ourselves on being prompt, communicative, and fair. We understand and respect the author’s work, and any changes to said work will be discussed in full beforehand.

Ticking the Boxes

If you think you’ve got all those boxes ticked, prepare to submit! 

  • Give us either the first three chapters or first 3000 words of your novel.
  • Make sure your work is as close to how you would like it to be published as possible. That means solving typos, grammatical errors, formatting correctly (clear type font, 1.5 spaced lines, justified text). 

Ready? Submit your work to 

Good luck!